Housing and Registration. In a word…Seamless.

Author: Matthew Payne

We all know there’s great benefit to integration when it comes to event planning.  A registration system that lacks integration only adds to your worries because crucial processes of your event don’t communicate with each other amicably.   One of the key areas we’ve observed such a ‘butting of heads’ is between event and housing registration.  Unfortunately, not all registration vendors also provide a housing solution. Given the size and scope of events these two important elements are becoming increasingly entwined, integrating both of them should be high priority for savvy event planners.   

First of all, for your event attendee you want to carve out a path that offers the least amount resistance as possible – from registration, to booking their accommodation, to arriving and checking in at your event.  Wouldn’t it be advantageous if all of these steps were united under one roof?  With integration they can be.   

No longer does your attendee need to register to attend your event, then use another system to find and source their accommodation, spending time searching for hotels that may or may not be affiliated with your event. Not to mention entering their personal data more than once. Instead, newly registering attendees can be seamlessly directed to reserve their housing rather than typically being provided a link to a separate booking site once the registration portion is complete.

Now, from a planner’s perspective, not only can such an integration succinctly herd potential registrants into becoming fully booked and accommodated attendees, but taking data integrity into account, getting all your attendees’ details at the point of registration (which is then passed over from the registration platform into the housing one – effectively an exchange of confirmations) means one data-set as opposed to two (or more).   

No Integration: Separate Data-Sets


Integration: Single Data-Set

Also, as you’re not having to spend time manually reconciling the data from both of these silos the instances for duplications / data aberrations is greatly diminished.  Think about it for a second – in an unintegrated setup, a single attendee may use one email address, phone number, etc, for their event registration and another when booking their event accommodation.  Now multiply that by the number of attendees at your event and you get a sense of the possible extent of manual duplicate removal and reconciliation required.   

With a registration system/Resiada integration you’re also afforded greater control over your room blocks.  Being able to access live event data encompassing each of your room blocks means that you can monitor your event’s housing situation via an event dashboard 24/7 and if needs be you can divert incoming registrants to underperforming room blocks in order to minimize and hopefully stamp out any attrition.   

Better yet, such integration can foster earlier pickup due to the combining of registration and housing into a fluid process, acting as a deterrent to last minute bookings and bookings outside of the block.  Furthermore, consider how much more accurate your event’s economic impact data will be, thanks to more bookings within the block and access to pickup reports from each of your hotels available in one dashboard.

Wondering how you can get started with implementing this integration that’s a win-win for both you and your attendees?  Or does it sound complicated and you’re still a bit skeptical? In either case, talk to us and let us know what registration provider you’re using and we’ll let you know how we can tailor an integrated solution to your event’s particular needs.