Reports? We’ve Got Them.

Author: Matthew Payne

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Resiada is putting robust reporting at your fingertips,  when and where you need it. Here’s a list of all the report types Resiada currently hosts:

  • Transaction Summary
  • Bill to Master Summary
  • Arrears
  • Negative Arrears
  • Deposit Financial Summary
  • Fee Summary
  • Rooming List
  • Room Nights
  • Room Block Overview
  • Hotel Pickup
  • Hotel Pickup by Room

By accessing your event’s dashboard you’ll find a stack of reports divided into two main categories: Event Financials and Rooming Reports.   

That’s not all.  Clicking the name of any report and then selecting ‘Customize Reports’ gives you the ability to tailor your own report, include or exclude various metrics, and export it in .xls or .csv format.  You even have the option of setting a default view and being able to share the customized report format with members of your team.  

Reports.  We’ve got a lot of them, and we’ll keep adding more moving forward because we know the importance of data and giving you greater control over how you slice and dice it.  It’s just another way Resiada helps you rest easy when it comes to your event housing management.