Resiada 2.0 – It is here, buckle up!

Author: Dharmesh Dayabhai

We’ve been hard at work implementing many of our client’s requests and making sure we elevate the booking experience to something delightful for both mobile and desktop. There’s quite a bit, so buckle up; here we go!


Front-end booking enhancements

After a deep look at how attendees make their reservations and understanding the needs of our clients, from single hotel booking events to large group booking experiences, we have implemented the following update.

Updated landing page beautifully designed to help the user through the process while expressing the voice of the events’ brand in full display.

Guided search bar to help the user get the results they want, easier and quicker.

Rich text on the landing page provides additional content about the event with additional formatting options.

Sponsor display on a landing page with stacked or logo scroll options and custom sponsor sections to highlight specific category levels for sponsors.


Hotel search page enhancements

We revisited the entire hotel search results page, and it was time to ship shape the UX and UI. We took a more approachable design to make it simple yet impactful to the user booking their rooms. Considering what is important to them, focus on that first. So here is what we tinkered with.

Enhanced search list results with better visibility on the list view of results with some features such as adding an HQ identifier to highlight all Head Quarter hotels, displaying the brand hotels, and more options for the pricing view to now include “from” as well as the traditional options of “Average Room Rate / Night” and “Lowest Room Rate / Night”.

Updated map colors and data to allow focus on the essential things such as venue landmarks and hotels within the block.

Tile view search results option stacked from left to right.

Sponsorship display at the bottom of the search results page for more revenue and display options.

Improved search with map function with a better contextual display.

Override search results with preferred hotels directed by the administrator. Using this functionality, housing managers can control which hotels show up at the top of the search query.

Ad/image spaces are now incorporated into the search results. These spaces can be linked to sponsor sites, highlight specials at various hotels, or simply be an image ad to highlight activity at the event.


Hotel details page enhancements

The hotel details page is designed with expandable content to allow for more rich text ability and enable the correct hotel data for the attendee. In addition, we have simplified the user’s experience to enable them to make a reservation with some creative user experience processes.

Enhanced Hotel details page with better image representation of the property.

Smart room night selector allows you to check your room nights for single or a text box to ensure rooms per night for quick and easy bookings for multiple reservations.

15-minute timeout extension for reservations on hold. Reservations on how can be extended to 15 minutes with every action from the user.


Payment confirmation updates

The payment page is redefined to accommodate single and group bookings with shared credit card submissions and the option to complete the reservation details later.

Payment selector between default payment or a new credit card. This is great for group reservations where all but one are assigned to a default credit card, for example.


Reservation manager screen

A new screen to help group managers to make updates to reservations and add/delete reservations as required before the cut-off date.

Back-office enhancements


The inventory overview report has been updated to be grouped by inventory sources.

A sub-block report has been added, which provides a better overview of sub-blocks.

Other system enhancements

Expansion of the Resiada API functionality

Front-end Analytics now supports Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Feathr pixel, Marketo (Munchkin)