• Be in Control

    Better control of your

    Event’s Room Block

    We want you to ‘rest easy’ when it comes to housing management, after all you’ve got plenty of other things to worry about with running your event. Setup is straightforward and monitoring the progress of your event is even easier thanks to our comprehensive event dashboard

DIY Event Setup

Event setup is straightforward through our easy-to-use wizard and you’re in complete control from start to finish. Better yet, even once your event is live you can quickly add additional hotels and subblocks and edit other event related settings should the need arise.

Real-Time Data Driven Dashboards

Real-time analytics help you make better decisions, faster. No more waiting for pickup reports and delayed decisions, simply see your data and address possible attrition issues immediately.

Housing Management

Complete control at your fingertips. And while we won’t say it’s ‘set and forget’, you can get a quick at-a-glance view of how bookings are progressing, and can easily add additional hotels, sub blocks and edit other event related settings should the need arise.

From one principal venue to numerous hotels across your event’s city, Resiada offers complete room block management solutions, all in one easy-to-manage place. Set your locations, rooms and rates and then sit back and watch those bookings come in!

solutions for...

Meeting Professionals

Manage your event hotel room blocks with ease while maintaining control for you and your clients.

Sporting Events

A solution to help you manage your teams easier with custom sub-blocks and rules.

DMO's / CVB's

Capture your block pick-ups easier and see all your data from a global perspective.

Sub Block Management

Assigning specific hotels and room blocks to your guests can be a logistic nightmare unless you have the right tools.

With resiada you can easily segment your room blocks into as many sub-blocks as you need. Designate sub-blocks for Attendees, Exhibitors, VIPs, Staff, Speakers, Klingons... the possiblities are endless.


We like to make you look good! Customize your front-end site to tie in with your event’s branding. We want your attendees’ registration experience to be as seamless as possible.

White Glove Service

Bogged down with too many other responsibilites? Let us take care of the busy-work. Our team of experts can help you setup your event in no time so you have one less thing to stress over.

Call Center

Additional services are available to fully support you. If you wish to offer your guests reservation assistance or need help managing your event, a call center and a dedicated Housing Project Manager are available.

Make some moola, YEP!

That’s right, by using Resiada, you have the option of making additional revenue on your room block. Finally a solution that not only offers you a solid hotel block management solution, but also puts money back into your pocket. Simply setup the system to transact with your transaction amount and you’re set.

Rest Easy with Resiada