Better room
block management

Easy to setup, real time pickup reports, custom reports, no annual fees and generate additional revenue.

Wizard Setup

Our easy-to-use wizard makes setup straightforward and you’re in complete control from start to finish. Better yet, once your event is live you can quickly add additional hotels and subblocks should the need arise.

Pick Up Reports

Make better decisions, faster. No more waiting for pickup reports and delayed decisions, simply view your data and address possible attrition issues immediately.


Not only can we save you money, but we can also put more moola in your pocket with our unique revenue generating model. Simply setup the system with your transaction amount and you’re set.

No Contract
No Annual Fee

Afraid of long term contracts? That’s not how we roll. There’s no annual fee with resiada. Plus you have the option of passing on the fees to your guests so you pay nothing!

Straightforward Setup

Resiada’s easy-to-use wizard guides you through setting up your venues and room blocks and sub blocks. Features like autocomplete take the chore out of setting up multiple hotels and venues.

Beautiful Branded Booking Sites

Once you’re happy with your event setup, make it live and share it with your attendees! The front-end booking site is tied in with your event’s branding to give your attendees a seamless, hassle free booking experience.

Live Data Helps Limit Attrition

Access your event 24/7 before and after you go live via our secure cloud-based portal. Real time reporting means guests can be redirected to available room blocks as your event start date approaches to help reduce attrition.

No annual fees.

Our unique revenue generating model can help put more money in your pocket with each room booking.

  • rest easy

    Get up and running in no time

    Hotel room block management can be complicated, but the tools to manage them shouldn’t be.

    Resiada is easy to use, built with you in mind. Setup takes little time and can have you up and running in hours which means happier guests and more reservations within your block.

solutions for

Meeting Professionals

Manage your event hotel room blocks with ease while maintaining control for you and your clients.

Sporting Events

A solution to help you manage your teams easier with custom sub-blocks and rules.

DMO's / CVB's

Capture your block pick-ups easier and see all your data from a global perspective.

Rest Easy with Resiada