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To continuously innovate and refine the event housing management experience for guests and event planners.

Our Philiosophy

At Resiada, we all come to work every day because we want to challenge the status quo. We’re a solutions company, and we want to provide the best experience for event planners. That might sound rather vague, but when you distill it all down, that’s what we’re about.

The principal foundation on which resiada was born is to redefine the Meeting and Event housing management experience. We’ve accomplished this by streamlining the event creation process; providing useful and actionable data for event planners to make informed decisions; and by offering the potential to generate additional revenue.

We know how hard event planners work and we’re here to help them work smarter rather than harder; we’re here to help them to ‘Rest Easy.’

Resiada announced as 2019 winner of SISO Event Innovation Battlefield

Resiada announced as 2019 winner of SISO Event Innovation Battlefield

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Resiada announced as 2019 winner of SISO Event Innovation Battlefield

August 23, 2019 – Toronto, Canada  – Resiada Inc. has been named as the 2019 winner at the seventh annual Event Innovation Battlefield by The Society of Independent Show Organisers (SISO), the global association that represents trade and consumer show organizers. 

“We are deeply honored to have been recognized with this incredible achievement and we are grateful to The Society of Independent Show Organisers,” said Dharmesh Dayabhai, Co-founder, Resiada. “It is a testament to how Resiada has streamlined and modernised the booking experience for attendees as well as managing room blocks more effectively.”

The Event Innovation Battlefield is an annual competition like “Shark Tank” that recognizes innovation in event technology and highlights promising new products in the industry. This year, the nominating committee chose five finalists, who gave seven-minute presentations on their products during the competition. The audience then selected Resiada as the winner.

Photo credit: Steven Hacker

The competition took place on August 15 as part of the annual SISO Leadership Conference in Detroit. The event unites consumer and trade show organisers to learn more about the latest trends and technologies.

For more information on the competition and the conference, please visit www.siso.org


About Resiada Inc.
Resiada is a cloud-based room block management software that allows event and housing managers to manage room blocks better. For more information, please visit www.resiada.com, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Resiada Launches version 1.2

January 9, 2018, Chicago, IL – Resiada Inc. announces the rollout of version 1.2 of its room block management software for event planners, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO/CVB) sport organizations and events rights holders.

“The response from Resiada’s early adopters has been invaluable”, says Resiada Managing Director, Jennifer Beatty.  “While they’ve been impressed with the Resiada platform so far, we know there’s always room for improvement. Their feedback has helped guide the efforts of our development team to help make room block setup and management easier”.

Key additions to version 1.2 of Resiada include white labelling, allowing the application to carry an organization or event’s branding.  New API integration capability allows for the seamless flow of data from an event’s registration site to Resiada’s booking system. This means attendees only have to enter their information once rather than once in the registration site and then in the housing system.  “The ultimate goal for Resiada is to make it simple for other registration solutions to integrate and at the same time, improve the user experience.” says Beatty.

Other updates made to the Resiada application include a new array of reports, Paypal Express Checkout has been added as a payment provider option and back office payments now have the option to use a credit card on file for an individual reservation or group payment.   A further time-saving inclusion is a default listing of the most frequently occurring hotel amenities such as on-site restaurant, business center, parking, free wi-fi, etc. Finally, the front end of the site has been optimized to work with screen reading technology.

About Resiada

Resiada is a secure cloud-based room block management tool that gives its users full control and management via an easy to use interface. Additionally, it provides them with 24/7 access to real time data and tools to help curb attrition.  Most notably, Resiada gives its users the ability to generate additional markup revenue from room bookings.  Sign up for your free account at resiada.com and experience a new way to manage your room blocks for your upcoming events.

To learn more visit resiada.com or call 1-888-RESIADA.

For media inquiries please contact us at media@resiada.com

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Launch Release

Toronto, Canada, June 1, 2017 – resiada announces the launch of a revolutionary new cloud-based application that takes the stress out of managing your meeting and events housing room block, available at https://resiada.com/

The foundation on which resiada was born was to redefine the meeting and event housing management experience. “Our mission is to innovate through continuously challenging the status quo and enhancing the experience, not just for guests, but for the planners as well,” says Jennifer Beatty (Holly), Managing Director of resiada. “We know how hard event planners work, but we want to help them work smarter rather than harder; we want event professionals to ‘Rest Easy.’”

An uncluttered user interface and elegant design make setting up an event in resiada straightforward, but its strengths lie in its capabilities for users to manage multiple venues, room-blocks, and sub-blocks. “With resiada, there’s no more chasing individual hotels for pick-up reports,” remarked Jennifer.

The uniqueness of resiada is that it enables planners, DMO’s (Destination Marketing Organizations) and sporting events/associations an additional revenue generating opportunity, along with detailed real-time analytics and reporting to monitor the progress of hotel room bookings to help avoid attrition altogether

A veteran of the Meetings and Conventions industry for 15 years (11 of which she spent working for DMO’s), Jennifer is one who knows all too well the importance of attrition issues and how it can impact an organization and their conferences. “Why not fix the problem at the beginning and reset the process by being in control of your room block management with resiada.”

Additional support options are available to resiada users which include; call center, technical support and as well as dedicated account managers to help oversee your event. From start, to finish, resiada enables you to be in complete control of your events, and as a cloud-based solution, access to data and reports are available anywhere, anytime.

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