What Do Ping-Pong Balls Have To Do With Integration?

Author: Matthew Payne

Did our video get your attention?  You may be wondering ‘why the heck is he pouring ping-pong balls from one container to another?’

Well, to put it in a few words, combining your event registration and housing through integration means:

  • Greater data integrity as instances for duplications / data aberrations are diminished because of a single data-set as opposed to two (or more).
  • Your attendees can be fully registered and accommodated in one fluid process – helping to minimize attrition, poaching and booking outside the block.
  • Our simple-to-implement integration makes it easier to work with your registration solution provider with minimal development time.
  • Best of all, our integration is free with no API access fee.

Plus there’s a number of other benefits and possibilities that having an integrated registration and housing system will bring to your event.  We’ve written about them in more detail previously in this article.    

Still not quite sure about the intricacies of how such an integration would work for your event? Got other burning questions?  Reach out to us at matt@resiada.com.