What is a sub-block, and how can they help my event?

Written by Dharmesh Dayabhai

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In the hotel industry, a "sub-block" refers to a group of rooms reserved by an event planner or housing manager for a specific event, such as a conference, festival, or wedding. These rooms are typically reserved in advance and are often discounted or offered at a special rate for the event attendees.

What is a sub-block?

A subblock is a subset of rooms within a hotel’s larger inventory set aside for a specific group or event. These rooms are typically blocked off from the available inventory and cannot be booked by other guests, ensuring they are available for the event attendees.

Subblocks are a common practice in event hotel management because they allow the event planner to ensure that attendees can access suitable accommodations near the event venue. By reserving a block of rooms in advance, event planners can often negotiate better rates and other perks, such as complimentary breakfast or parking, for their attendees.

For hotel managers, subblocks can be a useful tool for managing occupancy and forecasting demand. By working with event planners to set aside a specific number of rooms for an event, hotels can more accurately predict how many rooms will be booked during a given period and adjust their inventory and staffing accordingly.

Overall, sub-blocks are an important part of event hotel management. They can benefit event planners and hotel managers by ensuring that attendees can access suitable accommodations and that hotels can better manage their occupancy and inventory.