Product Update: Release 2.1

Written by Dharmesh Dayabhai

  • Product Update

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates to our platform that we know you will love. We have been working hard to incorporate the features you have requested and are excited to see how they enhance yours and your guest's booking experience.



Better support visibility

We’ve added an option where you can now highlight your support information better to your guests. Support information includes the event website, telephone, email, support image, and any other event data that can be displayed during the reservation process.

Search bar update

To enhance the guest experience further, users can now efficiently select the number of rooms and guests they want to book directly from the search bar.

Block request

For events where a block request process is in place for larger groups, you, as the administrator, can select the number of reservations until the block request option is active. This can be set up with our block request form or directed to your own.

Improved search results

To help highlight further which hotels are sold out vs. not, we are now presenting both available and unavailable hotels. Showing easy-to-read indicators of why a hotel is unavailable provides a more comprehensive view of hotel availability.

Reservation timer

To help ensure guests have adequate time to book their hotel, we have added a reservation timer to help the guest move along the booking process. Additionally, a 5-minute warning is now displayed before the session expires.

Organization Name

Administrators can now make the ‘Organization Name’ field a required field during the reservation process or not, your choice.

Improved guest entry

Guests can now select which rooms they are staying in, enter the name of their guests in other rooms, and also have the option to complete it later. We provide the option for the primary to come back later or assign specific rooms more easily. In the back office – we have also added a report to display all unassigned spaces where the primary has noted to come back later to complete them.

Improved user experience for groups greater than six reservations

Improved the user experience for those booking greater than six room reservations, a new ‘Group Reservation Manager’ has been created with a host of new features.

Improved admin search

Admin users have quicker search capabilities with clearer search results.

Rooming List by sub-block

The Rooming List Report and Export tool has been updated to present information per sub-block, providing a more granular view of hotel inventory.